Sunday, April 21, 2013

Morley Featured on TV -- Again!

Morley just got a cameo feature on another television show.  Once would be a huge honor for any artist, but this is the 2nd time a show has gone live on air with a Morley piece on TV.

The first Morley television piece was a few years ago on Workaholics--which turned out to be a hilarious show.  This new Morley spotting is on a new TV show from Amazon called Betas.  That's right, Amazon is making TV shows now.  If Betas turns out like Workaholics, it might be wise to start keeping an eye out for a Morley piece as a sign of a hit TV show.

You can check out the episode of Beta's featuring Morley's art HERE.  Morley's art can be seen about 30 seconds in.

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